Marcel Somerville’s Mum Opens Up About His Time On Love Island

And she's admitted something pretty heartbreaking about his first few days...

Now that Marcel Somerville is smitten with Gabby Allen, it’s easy to forget that he had a slightly rocky start on Love Island.

But cast your minds back a few weeks, and you’ll remember that nobody stepped forward for the Blazin’ Squad star on the very first day. *Sob*.

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Marcel had a rough ride at the start of the series

Of course, this was upsetting for all of us. But there was one person who was particularly concerned about the situation – his mum Corleta.

Corleta appeared on Lorraine yesterday, where she said in a video chat: ‘I must admit, when the programme first started, I was a little anxious when no-one stepped forward for him. I thought to myself: “How can nobody step forward for my son?”

‘He’s so gorgeous, you know? But then, that’s a mother’s love.’

Marcel's mum

Marcel’s mum appeared on Lorraine yesterday morning

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OUR HEARTS. Luckily, Gabby soon entered the villa and Marce’ fell head over heels.

It definitely seems as though Corleta agrees. She continued: ‘Well, now Marcel and Gabby have got together, I think he’s got the cream of the crop!

‘I have loved seeing Marcel just being himself and being respectful to not only himself but to Gabby as well. It is so lovely.’

Gabby and Marcel on Love Island

Marcel is smitten with Gabby Allen

Corleta went on to reveal that Marcel gave her a heads-up in advance that Love Island can get, er, a little racy. But unlike some of his fellow contestants, he’s yet to actually get down and dirty.

Unexpectedly, being his mum and all, Corleta said she’s ‘proud’ of her son’s behaviour so far.

So cute. We reckon Gabby may be getting the expensive china when she pops around for tea, don’t you?!