The Jury’s Out… Did Marcel Really Cheat On Gabby On Love Island?

He DID kiss another lady...

Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen are undoubtedly the golden couple of this year’s Love Island.

They’ve been together for a few weeks now, and on last night’s show the ‘L word’ was bandied around quite a bit. Aww.

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However, there was one incident that made us a teeny bit upset with Marce’. Last week, the 31-year-old snogged newcomer Shannen Reilly McGrath during a challenge at Casa Amor.

In a Raunchy Race game, Marcel read out instructions for two people to kiss for five seconds.

As soon as he was done speaking, he grabbed Shannen – who was sat next to him – and smooched her. He was clearly pretty shocked afterwards, looking into the camera with a stunned expression.

Love Island

Marcel smooched Shannen in a challenge last week

He spoke to Gabby, 25, about this yesterday, explaining: ‘You knew I had to kiss someone. I did hesitate and that’s why we lost.’

And TBH, Gabby didn’t seem too fazed. In fact, they were soon looking totally smitten again.

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Shannen Love Island

Shannen nearly came between Gabby and Marcel…

But viewers weren’t so quick to forgive, with many taking to Twitter to accuse Marcel of ‘cheating’. Noooo.

One wrote: ‘Challenge or no challenge, cheating is cheating. Disappointed marcel! No excuses. #LoveIsland,’ while another said: ‘It’s just the coming up clip and I’m shouting abuse at the tv for marcel kissing that girl, even if it’s a challenge.. CHEATING #LoveIsland [sic].’

Others added: ‘Marcel is in a relationship and kissing someone else’s face off – whether it’s part of a challenge or not – is cheating. #LoveIsland,’ and: ‘Dunno how gabby isn’t raging? game or no game marcel kissed another girl, that’s cheating [sic].’

We kinda get what they mean. What are your thoughts? Let us know over on Twitter @lookmagazine.