Coronation Street Fire Actor Marc Anwar For ‘Racially Offensive’ Tweets

The 45-year-old - AKA Sharif Nazi - has since apologised in a video message

Coronation Street bosses have sacked actor Marc Anwar for posting ‘racially offensive’ Tweets.

In a series of furious messages, the Pakistan-born actor allegedly hit out at Indians over Kashmir at the weekend.

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A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: ‘On Sunday 25 September 2016 police received a report of a hate crime.

Marc Anwar in Coronation Street

Marc Anwar played Sharif Nazir in Coronation Street

‘Police have launched an investigation and inquiries are ongoing.’

ITV have said: ‘We are deeply shocked by the entirely unacceptable, racially offensive comments made on Twitter by Marc Anwar.

‘We have talked to Marc and, as a consequence of his comments, he will not be returning to Coronation Street with immediate effect.’

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Marc Anwar in Coronation Street

Marc’s reported comments came after the Indian army said it had killed a militant in a gunfight in the disputed region of Kashmir, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan.

The 45-year-old – who played Sharif Nazir in Corrie – has since apologised for the rant, saying in a video message: ‘I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anyone that I may have offended with my Tweets on Friday evening and especially people from India.

‘This was never my intention and the language was unacceptable. I feel that I have let a lot of people down, my family, my friends and my former colleagues.

Marc Anwar

Marc Anwar apologised in a video message

‘This I very sincerely apologise for. On Friday evening I saw, on the news, children being pulled out of rubble, people being pelted with pellets, women mourning their dead in Kashmir.

‘This upset me very deeply and in a moment of madness I ranted out. I vented my anger.

‘Again, the language that I used, I sincerely apologise for. But my feelings were very sincere for the people of Kashmir. And I hope that everyone that I have offended can find it in their hearts to forgive me.’

In an interview with the BBC’s Asian Network, he continued: ‘The Tweets came out and I can’t take them back. The language leaves a lot to be desired.

‘I’m not a bigot, not a coward and not a liar. I’m definitely not a racist. I am absolutely disgusted with myself and unreservedly, without any hesitation, apologise to anybody and everybody that has been affected.’

He said his comments were not directed at the people of India, adding: ‘It was aimed at the two governments in the two countries.’