Mara Wilson’s Interview On Lorraine Ends A Little Awkwardly

The Matilda actress's segment gets cut off mid-sentence. Oops...

We got a major blast from the past on Lorraine this morning.

The 56-year-old presenter chatted to Mara Wilson, who played Matilda in the 1996 film. And it made us feel seriously nostalgic.

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Mara Wilson played the title character in 1996 film Matilda

Now 29, the former child actor appeared via satellite link to chat about her new book Where Am I Now?

Talking about her starry childhood, Mara said: ‘I never meant to become famous. I was five-years-old, I didn’t know what it was to become famous.

‘I grew up in Los Angeles… it was almost like a hobby.’

Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson appeared on Lorraine this morning

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Viewers were clearly just as far down memory lane as us, with Tweets including: ‘Loving @MaraWilson on @reallorraine ! My childhood! 😊 #matilda #MrsDoubtfire #miracleon34thstreet,’ and: ‘OMG! It’s so good to see @MaraWilson who played #matilda with @DannyDeVito on @ITVLorraine. She looks so differnt! Loved that movie though! [sic].’

But unfortunately for both Mara and Lorraine, not everything about the interview went as smoothly as planned.

Lorraine Kelly and Mara Wilson

Just as Lorraine was asking Mara about her late mother, the link cut out. Eep.

She was forced to apologise to viewers, but that didn’t stop them from flooding Twitter with disappointed messages.

One wrote: ‘Feel sorry for @MaraWilson who got up SUPER early for (I guess, amongst other things) an interview on Lorraine and the signal went down. :-/.’

But Mara didn’t seem too fazed, writing on her own page: ‘Oh no! Signal cut out! 😩 Well, to err is human, to REALLY mess things up requires technology. Rain check? @ITVLorraine.’

She later added: ‘We filmed a segment that will be up on the website! Glad it got worked out! Thank you @ITVLorraine! 😊.’

Phew. It’s great to have you back, Mara!