The Man Braid Is The New Man Bun

Bye bye #ManBun, hello #ManBraid! There’s a new social media hair trend taking over our Instagram feeds with super stylish men plaiting their luscious locks to perfection. And we’re talking some serious hair skillz that even we struggle with after years of practice. There’s French plaits, super tight Heidi braids and even fishtails.

> Man Braid: Harry Styles tries it


The man behind ALL manly hair trends, Mr Jared Leto, first sported a long braid at The Golden Globes, and Harry Styles’ hair stylist Lou Teasdale also gave the trend a go, with a serious of intricate plaits all across the One Directioners head. Derek Hough tried it out and New York Knicks player Louis Admundson rocked one on the court (though did get quite mocked on Twitter for his hair choice.)

> Man Braid: Jared Leto started the trend

> Man Braid: Jared Leto


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There are now 8,000 posts on Insta dedicated to the #ManBraid with it fastly overtaking the much mocked Man Bun as THE ‘do for today’s well groomed gentleman to rock.

> Man Braid: WWE star Dolph rocks the look


And just like the Man Bun some of these guys can really pull of the ‘do, and others, hmm, not so much. Websites including GQ, Mashable and have all slated the style but whether you think it’s hot or not, we have to admire their skills, a plait is hard enough to do, even with super long hair. Luckily, there’s plenty of YouTube tutorial videos out there to help everyone get on board with this trend.

> Man Braid: Derek Hough has given the trend a go


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What do you think of the #ManBraid? We’re just happy to see men experiment with different ‘dos – we’ve been able to do it for years and it is exciting – but as with all fashion trends, you do learn from your mistakes…