Bags Of Maltesers Have Way Less Chocolate In Them Now And We’re Outraged

Remember comfort food, good old comfort food. We enjoyed it relatively guilt-free when things weren’t going our way and now 2016 has ruined our favourite foods as well as our ideals for a tolerant society. After #MarmiteGate and the tragic Toblerone scandal, Maltesers have betrayed us now as well!

Mars, the company that pretty much control how and when we enjoy chocolate, are cheating us out of 15% of what we consider an appropriate amount of Maltesers.

What we used to call a ‘sharing’ bag has now been reduced so that it’s an acceptable amount for one person! We can’t believe this. Why would they do this to us?!

The 121g bags have been nerfed to a measly 103g but the packaging appears to stay the same size. You can’t fool us, Mars. We’re watching you like hawks.

You know that feeling where you’re wondering where all your Maltesers are gone but it turns out you just ate them all? You’re going to be feeling that a lot more often and a lot sooner.

And it’s not just Maltesers that have been affected. As Metro report, we hope you’re not a fan of Galaxy counters…

Oh the cheek. That said, unlike the Toblerone disaster, Mars are adjusting the price of these sweets to account of the 15% loss of weight. The Maltesers pouches have gone down from £1.82 to £1.50 which is totally fair.

But that doesn’t mean we’re any less furious about it. We just want to know why… why, God, why?

Metro reached out to Mars to see what caused such drastic action and their response was similar to Toblerone’s: “‘Like all chocolate manufacturers, we have seen the cost of raw materials rise and sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to reduce the size of some of our products so our consumers can continue to enjoy an affordable treat”.

That’s a long sentence. All we’re hearing is “buy double the amount of Maltesers to compensate”. If you say so, Mars.