Malin’s Tweets Were Amazing During Last Night’s Love Island

If you went out last night, you made the wrong decision. Because Love Island went OFF.

It featured the moment viewers waiting for – seeing Malin Andersson strut back onto our screens and back into Terry Walsh’s life.

Missed a few episodes? Let’s catch you up. Since getting voted out of the show, Malin has had to watch her boyfriend go from wanting to leave with her, to staying behind for ‘time with the lads’, to deciding that, actually, he didn’t miss her at all, and moving on with newcomer Emma-Jane.



And we all know how that went, don’t we?

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So yesterday, Malin was given the opportunity to confront Terry, while he was enjoying a man-date away from the villa with Scott Thomas.

> In came Malin…


As expected, Tel’ got quite a shock when Malin walked in. But she wasted no time in getting started, asking Scott to leave before telling her ex: ‘I’ve been watching everything.’ Oosh.

Terry tried to explain himself by claiming that he never actually promised to stay a couple, telling her: ‘I said it was a test for me didn’t I? I didn’t say to you I was 100% going to be with you.’

But Malin wasn’t having any of it, hitting back: ‘Terry, we were together in that villa. I left that villa as a couple with you, we were official in there.’

> Terry looked *pretty* shocked. Lolz


Of course, Malin was watching all of this unfold on her TV back at home. And judging by her Tweets, she’s still just as angry (and rightly so).

She told fans: ‘Sorry I’m on savage thing tonight. I’m ready… I was nice until I saw him again.’

The 23-year-old continued with messages such as: ‘He’s a SNAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEE,’ and: ‘Lies lies lies lies,’ before adding: ‘He f***** my week leaving the villa. I have f***** his last week in the villa. Karma.’



Oh. And we can’t forget the SUNGLASSES. You may remember that as Terry walked off he, er, accidentally picked up Malin’s sunnies. Awks.

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Malin was quick to point out his error, telling the flustered 28-year-old: ‘Erm, do you wanna give me my sunglasses back?’ but we never saw him hand them over.



Of course, viewers were keen to found if he did. But Malin’s since Tweeted: ‘He threw them and smashed them lol.’

NOT cool, Terry. Let’s hope Malin asks him to cough up for a new pair once he’s out.