What Happens Between Malin & Terry Tonight?

It’s the moment that every Love Island addict has been waiting for…

Yup, tonight we’ll FINALLY see Malin Andersson strut her stuff back onto our screens and back into Terry Walsh’s life. And if last night’s preview was anything to go by, he wasn’t too happy about it.

Since getting voted out of the show (we still don’t understand it) Ma’ has had to watch as her boyfriend went from wanting to leave with her, to staying behind just for time with the lads, to deciding that, actually, he didn’t miss her at all, to moving on with newcomer Emma-Jane. And we all know how that went, don’t we?

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The all-powerful folks at Love Island clearly decided to listen to public opinion (just another reason to love them, then) and give Malin the opportunity to confront her ex.



We’ve ALL been left wondering how it went down. And because we can’t wait ’til tonight, we’ve got some goss’ for you…

You might want to be sitting down for this.

After shocking Scott to the point of spitting out his drink, and stunning Terry into silence, Malin took a seat (classy lady) and said, ‘I’ve been watching everything.’

So have we!

Terry then goes on to say that he never actually promised to stay true to Malin, telling her, ‘I said it was a test for me didn’t I? I didn’t say to you I was 100% going to be with you.’




Ma’ didn’t have ANY of it, hitting back, ‘Terry, we were together in that villa. I left that villa as a couple with you; we were official in there.

‘You were my boyfriend. I came out of there supporting you. I know you didn’t come out, but I thought “I’m going to support him, he’s having a good experience with the lads”. Then a day later you’re hooked up. You were wanting to come out of there with me!?’

And we all saw that.



Terry then told Malin that, after ‘analysing stuff’, he realised that they ‘weren’t going to go anywhere’, before telling her that she ‘was creating rows.’

Natch, that was her cue to bring up #ToastieGate and #TshirtGate.

Bringing the sass, Malin revealed: ‘You said you were going to dump me a few days before?

‘…No you were not. You led me on the whole time we were in there; you were playing a massive game Terry. Everyone can see it. Your little girl Emma’s playing a game too.

‘You’re muggy as f***. I can see everything.’



How will Terry react? And what will Emma have to say?

We’re just too excited to see how this all unfolds tonight…