Malin Andersson Admits Her Type Has Changed Since Terry Walsh

The Love Island lady is now looking for a *totally* different kind of guy...

Malin Andersson didn’t exactly have the easiest time with men on Love Island.

As viewers will remember, the 23-year-old found herself on quite a rollercoaster after coupling up with Terry Walsh – and things didn’t end well for them. Eep.

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Didn’t tune in? Let us explain.

After getting voted out of the show, Malin had to watch Terry go from wanting to leave with her, to staying behind for ‘time with the lads’, to deciding that, actually, he didn’t miss her at all, and moving on with newcomer Emma-Jane Woodhams.

The 28-year-old is still with Emma, 19. But far from pining, Malin is well and truly over it.

emma terry love island

Terry Walsh is now official with Emma-Jane Woodhams

In fact, it sounds like she’s ready for a new fella. Ooh.

So will Malin be going for another Tel’ type? Um, no. It seems she’s had enough of carpenters from Staines. We can’t think why…

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Malin Andersson

On finding her next man, she jokes to Star: ‘No tattoos or 6ft 5in tall men!

‘I want someone who’s a gentleman, mature and has a good head on him. Someone who is humble and knows how to treat a woman right. It’s all about personality now.’

It’s fair to say that Malin’s gained quite a lot of fans since her ordeal on the ITV2 reality show. So is she worried that someone could take advantage of her being in the spotlight?

Malin Andersson

She continues: ‘It’s crossed my mind, but it’s not a nice thing to think about. I like to see the good in people – that’s my problem… I was too naive with Terry.’

Ah. We all live and learn, eh Ma?!