Malin Reveals What She’d Say To Terry On Her Villa Return

Whether you’re a Love Island addict or not (and if you’re not, we’re sorry, but are you okay?!), you’ve probably seen what’s been brewing between Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh all over social media.

They were one of the strongest couples on the ITV2 show, and even made things official during their time in the villa.

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But, after being voted out last week, the 23-year-old make-up artist had to watch her boyfriend decide that, actually, he wasn’t really missing her. Harsh.

He then went on to chase after newcomer Emma-Jane Woodham, who just so happens to be Tom’s ex girlfriend. Are you keeping up?

Ma’ is now back in England, and has wasted no time in branding herself ‘single’ and speaking out about her ex’s antics.

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During last night’s offering of Love Island, she decided to do a Q&A on Twitter. And it’s safe to say that she’s not holding back anymore.

She revealed that she would not be open to taking Terry back after the show’s wrapped, particularly if he goes the whole way with Emma.

Well, obviously not! You deserve so much better, Ma’.


When asked if she thought Emma would have still persued Terry if she was still in the villa, Malin replied: ‘Ha she wouldn’t have got him if I was there’. Miaow!

And what would she say if confronted with her former man now? Malin said she’d walk up to him and say, ‘Hi do you remember me’ – OH THE SASS.

So, what does she think of Terry now? ‘Looks fade, personality last a lifetime.’


The internet has been shouting for Malin to make a return to the villa. Malin dropped a huge hint that this could be on the cards, posting a few cryptic emojis on the subject…

Oh, you TEASE!