Why Fans Are Shipping Love Island’s Malin And Oliver

After Malin Andersson’s relationship with Love Island’s Terry Walsh came to a spectacular – and very public – end, her fans have been calling for her to dust herself off and move on to a more deserving guy.

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And it seems that, with just one tweet, Malin’s followers believe that she could have found a potential new date.


Naturally, all eyes were on Ma’s Twitter account during last night’s helping of the ITV2 show (well, everyone wants to see her reactions to Tel’s behaviour!)

And viewers were quick to pick up on a tweet about, wait for it, Oliver Maxwell Fernandez.


Remember the guy that lasted 24 hours on the island before getting voted off by all of the ladies? We know, sad face.

Well, Malin tweeted: ‘Interesting phone call with @OliverMaxwellF’.

Say what?!

And fans have been quick to start shipping the former islanders.

One viewer wrote: ‘now THAT would be one hot couple.’ Another tweeted: ‘you both should get together. It’ll be so perfect’.

Sure, it could have just been a totally innocent catch up – no doubt filled with goss’ – between two Love Island contestants.

But one thing’s for sure – we’d love to see Malin with a hot new man.