What Happened When We Met Love Island’s Malin Andersson

If, like us, your life has become totally dictated by Love Island – don’t worry, nobody is going to hold it against you. And if they do? Well, who needs that kind of negativity in their life? – last night would have felt a little bit like Christmas.

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Yes, viewers FINALLY got to see Malin Andersson strut her stuff back onto the ITV2 screen to totally wipe the smile off of cheating ex boyfriend Terry’s face. And she sure brought the sass.

>Go Malin! 

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It’s safe to say that Twitter went into meltdown. And, although Malin live tweeted her way through it, everyone was left wishing that they could be a fly-on-the-wall.

Well, who needs a fly when WE can go for you?

Yup. We’d already lined up a chat with the lady herself. You can thank us later.



We hopped on a train bright and early this morning, coffee in hand, to visit the Love Island lady of-the-moment.

After first getting the #girlpower high five out of the way, we had some much-needed girl time to discuss how she feels about her fellow islanders now.

Malin told us that she was super nervous to see it all play out on screen last night, saying, ‘I didn’t know how I was going to come across, or how they were going to edit it…’

Well sure, we can imagine the feeling of having to confront a bad boy ex, but on national TV? GULP.

But one thing that did surprise us? The former islander admitted that she actually switched off as soon as her part was over with, so she didn’t see Terry’s temper tantrum as he relayed the evening’s events to his friends – and new girl, Emma.


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Malin also told us that there’s an awful lot of things that go on that we don’t get to see. One fun fact? Take it away Ma’: ‘We were rationed to two glasses of wine a night, and me and Terry used to steal everyone else’s!’


Of course, the aim on Love Island is to partner up and find luuuuv, and we all know what went wrong during Malin’s time on the show. Sad face.

But if you’re wondering what might have happened if Terry didn’t go into the villa, Ma’ admitted that she would have had her eye on one island lad in particular…

She revealed: ‘If Terry wasn’t in the villa I would have coupled up with Alex.

‘He’s cheeky, always smiling, and has a good, good body!’

> Alex is currently coupled with Olivia in the villa


Yikes. We’re not sure how Olivia would feel about that…

What does she think of the rest of the girls now? Malin says she misses Cara the most.

She told us, ‘…she was my number one girl in there, and my best friend. And it’s definitely her that I cannot wait to see when she comes out.’



Love Island dramz aside, Malin seems to have brushed herself off in seriously sassy style, and she’s moving on as one strong, independent lady, thanks very much.

There’s no denying that Malin’s make-up is always on fleek, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to quiz her on her favourite products, as well as film some of her go-to looks for a beauty tutorial.

Keep an eye out for that video, and her answers to some burning beauty questions, very soon!

>Our Digital Writer Laura Jane Turner caught up with Love Island’s Malin Andersson