Love Island’s Malin Andersson Hits Back At Trolls On Twitter

The Love Island star claims that she's been called 'orange'... :(

Malin Andersson is absolutely gorgeous. And we’d challenge anyone that said otherwise.

But it appears that the former Love Island lady has been receiving some pretty bizarre comments about her appearance.

Apparently, some people have branded her ‘orange’.

Um, excuse us?!

The 23-year-old beauty seemed to decide that enough was enough, though, as she took to social media to hit back.


Taking to Twitter, the reality star announced: ‘Can I just clarify I have never fake tanned in my life, and that this is my real skin colour. I’m half Swedish half Sri Lankan – so…

‘…if you wanna say I look orange then that is fantastic and you should know flash on cameras brighten s*** up…’

She accompanied her message with the hashtags ‘#don’tneedtotan’ and ‘#natural’.

She finished, ‘I’m baffled people don’t know I’m mixed race’.

First thing’s first, props to Malin for that seriously sassy comeback in the face of such ridiculousness.

Secondly, we were really saddened and confused to hear this. When will the shaming stop?

Fans rushed to Ma’s defence, with supportive responses including: ‘you don’t look orange at all!’ and ‘haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate malin going to slay slay slay slay slayyyy’.

Just keep being your fabulous self, Ma’.