Male Birth Control Could Soon Be A Thing

After what feels like years of talking about, it appears we may be closer to inventing a form of birth control pill that can be taken by men.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy have revealed they are finalising the details of a male contraceptive pill.

At present, the responsibility regarding contraception nearly always lies with women, and the options for men are pretty limited. Unless your partner has had a vasectomy or you use condoms, it’s the woman who has to take measures to stop the inevitable.

When the pill was invented in the 60s it changed women’s lives in a huge way, and gave them complete control over their bodies for the first time. However, unfortunately for some women the pill doesn’t work for them. For women who can’t take the pill for medical reasons (or find the side effects too difficult), having an option for their partner to take to the pill would potentially be life changing.

> Soon it won’t just be women who can take the pill…


The pill won’t be released to the public just yet as the medication still needs some fine-tuning. Research team leader Gunda Georg revealed that although the pill has been proven to work they still need to develop it further to reduce its current side effects such as weight gain and decrease in ‘good’ cholesterol.

The big question is: would men be keen to take this kind of birth control?

A survey by the Telegraph of 84,000 people found that 52% of men said they would take a daily birth control pill if they could.

And if your partner was willing to sign up for this form of contraception, would you trust them with the responsibility of remembering to take the pill?

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