This MaM Q&A Answers So Many Questions

There seems to be brand new Making A Murderer information coming out of the woodwork every single day. Not that we’re complaining – after binge-watching our way through the 10-part documentary series, we’ve been left with SO MANY unanswered questions… 

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Almost as if by magic, the film makers took to Twitter this week to host a Q&A session, in the hope of clearing up some of the backlash surrounding the bias of the Netflix series, as well as answering viewer’s very pressing questions. 

So, here’s what we learned: 

Q: “What do you think about the Halbach family saying this is very one sided? Why do you think the ex boyfriend or brother was never questioned?”

A: ‘We invited the Halbachs and the prosecutor to be part of the series… They declined. Given how consistent Mike Halbach was as the spokesperson for the family we don’t think anyone can come away from the series not understanding their point of view.’

Q: “@MakingAMurderer is the show to convey Steven as Innocent or that there is corruption in the police force? #AskMAM”

A: ‘The point of the series is to get viewers to face uncomfortable questions abt how guilt gets decided in this country’.

Q: “@MakingAMurderer how are his parents doing? I really felt for them. #AskMAM #MakingAMurderer”

A: ‘They continue to suffer every day Steven and Brendan are in prison. But they’re feeling uplifted… by the recent letters of support they’ve received, and encouraged that Steven has a new lawyer’.

Q: “#AskMAM what do you think to all the claims you skewed the show in Avery’s favour when evidence not covered in the show points to guilty?”

A: ‘MaM isn’t about whether or not Avery is guilty. It’s about what the state of Wisconsin did or didn’t do in its efforts to convict Avery.’

Q: “@MakingAMurderer A lot of people are saying the most important evidence was left out, do you believe that is true?#AskMAM”

A: ‘No. Strongest evidence of guilt is in the series. The evidence left out is less significant, redundant… Disputed, and in some cases inadmissible (unreliable/irrelevant/prejudicial).’

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Q: “How do you explain the evidence of Avery’s DNA found under the hood of Halbach’s car? #AskMAM”

A: ‘The question is how it got there. A crime lab expert testified that he went under the hood after handling other evidence and did not change his gloves. The defense argued there was the potential for contamination. The alternative argument was planting. It was disputed evidence and neither side was presented in the series with respect to this less significant evidence.’

Q: “#AskMAM why did you fail to mention that every time Avery called the Auto Magazine he always asked for it to be Teresa to meet with him.”

A: ‘Teresa was the only Auto Trader photographer who covered Manitowoc. As the only Auto Trader photog in the county, if he asked for her there is nothing suspicious about that.’


Q: “@MakingAMurderer #AskMAM Your opinions on Jodi’s comments about not wanting to be part of the documentary”

A: ‘We had her permission to use all the footage. It’s not true that she asked us not to be part of the documentary.’

Q: “#AskMAM What are your best hopes for the documentary? What is your vision of a better legal future? What can the average person do to help?”

A: ‘Hope people think deeply about problems that plague our justice system. Understand that every time someone is wrongly convicted that means the true perpetrator is left on the streets. Learn from what happened in 1985. Support reform by writing to your elected officials. And signalling through your vote that justice matters to you.’

For even more where that came from, you can read the highlights on the official Making A Murderer Twitter feed…