We Have Some News About Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery

The MaM subject has been working towards a retrial...

Steven Avery became something of a household name when true-crime series Making A Murderer went viral on Netflix back in 2015.

It seemed as though absolutely everyone, from celebrities to ‘ordinary’ folk, got sucked into the case of the murder of Teresa Halbach and those that were convicted of the crime.

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Avery was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. But he has always maintained his innocence.

He claims that he was wrongfully convicted, and the documentary series – which is comprised of ten episodes – followed his court case, shedding light on the evidence and circumstances surrounding the crime.

The show’s success sparked a lot of interest around the original case, with many theories finding their way onto the internet.

There were also a number of campaigns for Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, with supporters believing that they deserved a retrial.

Steven secured a new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, who specialises in wrongful conviction.

Having stated that she believes Avery’s case had ‘all the hallmarks of a wrongful conviction case’, she also said that an agreement had been signed by a Wisconsin judge to start the independent scientific testing of critical pieces of evidence.

But now, we’ve received the news that Steven Avery has been denied his request for a new trial.


On Tuesday 3rd October, Judge Angela Sutkiewicz ruled in the case of Avery that ‘the defendant has failed to establish any grounds that would trigger the right to a new trial in the interests of justice.’

‘As such, no further consideration will be given to this issue,’ she added.

The judge also claimed that there was no ‘reasonable probability that a different result would be reached at a new trial.’

Not giving up, Zellner argued that she will now seek to overturn the judge’s order.

Taking to Twitter she also said: ‘The battle continues. We have new evidence & witnesses. An innocent person never quits nor do we. #MakingAMurderer’.

Zellner also linked to an official press release.

In August last year, Brendan Dassey had his conviction overturned by a judge.

He was just 16-years-old when he was charged and found guilty in the case of Teresa Halbach, but the documentary series shed light on the circumstances surrounding his interrogation.

Featuring original footage from Brendan’s police interviews, many came to the conclusion that he’d been taken advantage of and coerced into a false confession.

A judge ruled that the investigators in the 2007 trial made false promises to Dassey by assuring him ‘he had nothing to worry about’.

Judge William Duffin said in 2016: ‘These repeated false promises, when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially Dassey’s age, intellectual deficits, and the absence of a supportive adult, rendered Dassey’s confession involuntary under the Fifth and 14th Amendments.’

Despite this, Dassey remains in custody as the state appeals the overturned conviction.