Making A Murderer’s James Lenk Breaks His Silence

If you’ve been sucked into the story of Making A Murderer, you’ll definitely remember one of its key players – Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Lieutenant James Lenk.

For those of you that may need a little refresh, we’ll quickly run through it. 

Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit.

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After new DNA evidence was discovered in 2003, he was exonerated. Steven, who had become a symbol for wrong convictions, then embarked on a journey to sue the county sheriff’s department, which included James Lenk and Sgt. Andrew Colborn, for $36 million.

It was during this process that Teresa Halbach went missing, and was found murdered. Steven Avery was later convicted of this crime, and is currently serving a life sentence.

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During the investigation into Teresa’s murder, it was claimed that Manitowoc County had handed the investigation over to a neighboring county, due to the clear conflict of interest.

But, as seen in the documentary series, both Lenk and Colborn were still involved – a point which many have used to question the fairness of Steven Avery’s trial. 

James Lenk, for example, was responsible for finding one of the key pieces of evidence – Halbach’s car key – in Avery’s house, but only after the house had already been searched six times by other officers.


Manitowoc County officials deny all allegations of misconduct. 

So, since Making A Murderer has thrown the story into the spotlight again, where is Lenk?

According to Bustle, he’s now retired and living in Arizona.


CBS5 News tracked him down to ask him about the Netflix docuseries.

They ask, ‘Do you stand by your testimony?’ to which Lenk replies, ‘Just read the court transcripts. That all you’ve got to do.’

CBS5 push, ‘Do you have anything to say about the hoopla surrounding the documentary?’

Lenk hits back, ‘No, I don’t. Thank you.’

It seems safe to say that he does not want to talk. 

But with Steven Avery’s new lawyer working hard for a new trial, we don’t think this case is going anywhere…