EastEnders’ Maisie Smith’s Loose Women Appearance Causes Quite A Stir

The 15-year-old actress shows she's all grown up as she chats to the panel...

Maisie Smith got everyone talking when she appeared on Loose Women this afternoon.

In case you’re not sure who this is, the 15-year-old actress is best known for her role as Bianca and Ricky Butcher’s daughter Tiffany on EastEnders.

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Maisie Smith

Maisie Smith looked very different when she joined EastEnders back in 2008

And TBH, we’d forgive you for not recognising her. Because since Maisie left Albert Square in 2014, she’s had a HUGE makeover.

As the show aired today, shocked viewers wrote Tweets including: ‘Wow Tiffany has matured into a beautiful young lady. Time has flown fast. All the best to her,’ and: ‘Omg Tiffany is so beautiful😍😍 #loosewomen.’

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Maisie Smith on Loose Women

Maisie Smith met Martine McCutcheon (R) as she chatted to the Loose Women panellists

In a particularly lovely moment, Maisie met fellow ex-EastEnder and current Loose Women panellist Martine McCutcheon.

If you cast your minds back to the 90s, you’ll remember that the teen’s character was named after Martine’s alter-ego (and Bianca’s BFF) Tiffany Mitchell, who was killed off the soap on New Year’s Eve 1998.

However, she also made a pretty upsetting announcement. Maisie recently returned to ‘Enders – but she won’t be around for long.

She said: ‘I’m not going to be in it, I just popped in.

‘I would like people to see me as more mature than that cheeky little girl on EastEnders, but at the same time I’ve got to show everyone that I’m not an adult, I’m still a child.

‘I don’t want to do anything that makes people think I’m trying to be like an 18-year-old – when I’m still 15 and young!’

Aw. While we’re going to miss her in Walford, we’re very excited to see what she does next.