Get The Glow With Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw knows all about healthy living and she’s our go-to nutrionist when it comes to eating better, thanks to her now cult recipe book, Get The Glow. 

Madeleine Shaw also has some serious celebrity fans, including beauty blogger Tanya Burr, and Millie Mackintosh and we’ve already tried several recipes from Get The Glow and can report that it’s pretty brilliant.

Speaking at the launch, Madeleine told us that creating the book had been a, “long but exciting journey,” and revealed that she was very lucky to have the support of her incredible family and friends – pal Millie even helped pick out her favourite recipes for the book: “She loves the buckwheat and pea risotto,” Madeleine told us.

Madeleine Shaw at the lauch of her new recipe book Get The Glow Madeleine Shaw at the lauch of her new recipe book Get The Glow


Madeleine first became interested in food when she was suffering from digestive problems as a teen, as a result of her poor diet. After a spell working in an organic cafe in Sydney (where she cooked alongside topless hunks lifting weights in the gym – lucky gal) Madeleine found her calling, overturned her own health and then began helping others with their diets. She’s now busy running a hugely popular Supper Club alongside her nutritionist business, plus she’s a fully qualified yoga instructor. There’s nothing this girl can’t do!

We caught up with her to find out her top health tips for a glowing, healthy and happy body top-to-toe…

1. Be The Best Version Of You

“In this world there are so many things to make you feel bad about yourself, and so many things you ‘should’ be doing. It would be impossible to do it all! That’s why I try to make my approach more realistic, my recipes contain meat and fish and they are simple and easy to follow. 

Nutrition is so much about mindset, and I know everyone wants a short cut. But actually once you get your head around the fact that this is about doing what’s right for your life in the long term, you see it’s the best way.”

Madeleine reveals her Get The Glow secrets as part of her LOOK takeover Madeleine reveals her Get The Glow secrets as part of her LOOK takeover


2. Stress Makes You Sick

“Irritable Bowel Syndrome isn’t the sexiest of things to talk about but I do, because changing the way I eat now has made such a difference. IBS is linked to stress, so you need to relax and take time for yourself too. Whether it’s yoga, meditation or walking, it helps calm me down. I still get flare ups but nowadays my symptoms are really under control.”

3. Make Your Breakfast Perfect

“I’d put eggs on the menu for breakfast, scrambled in coconut oil or poached. If you eat something typical like cereal or toast then your blood sugar level will spike really high, and that’s why, at 11am you need some sugar.”

Griddled Peach Salad recipe from Get The Glow


4. No Raw After 4

“It’s the rule I live by. This is because earlier in the day your body finds it easier to break down the fibre in raw veg, so stick to salads for lunch and something cooked like grilled fish or meat, with cooked veggies, for dinner.”

5. Have A Buddy

“I love working out with Millie – we go to body barre classes together. She’s great as she’s always up for trying new things, and we have so much fun working out together. If you do it with someone else it stops exercise from being a chore.”

Madeleine takes over the LOOK Instagram account Madeleine takes over the LOOK Instagram account


6. Know The Foods For The Occassion

“If you’ve had a big blow out, it sounds weird but Sauerkraut will aid the bloating and calm down your digestive system. Or if you want glowing skin have some chicken soup – chicken stock is full of collagen. I always recommend to Millie to have a bowl before a red carpet event. And if you’re feeling tired have some rye bread, quinoa or grains. I also love nut bars and almond-milk protein shakes for after a work-out.

Get The Glow, is out now (£20, Orion)