Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews says he's ready to talk about relationships

Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews Stars In Hilarious Spoof Video

Made In Chelsea series five returns in just a matter of weeks and we’re SO excited to see what’s in store for our favourite reality TV stars. The cast have been busy filming across London and Surrey for the last few months and are ready to show us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the new series.

The clever bods at E4 released their first trailer for series five last night and IT. IS. HILARIOUS. We’ve already watched it 9284792873 times and are still laughing.

The short video sees the MIC boys – Spencer Matthews, Francis Boulle, Jamie Laing, Spencer Matthews and Ollie Locke talk us through their preparation routines for the show, telling us they’re “ready” for action.

Spencer says: “I’m ready to talk about relationships. A lot.” 

Ollie says: “I’m ready to have lots of arguments in public,” while joking about his fake tan.

Francis says: “I’m ready to go dog walking with Millie.”

Andy adds: “I’m ready to sit around in bars and cafes for far more than is necessary.” LOLZ.

While Jamie says: “I’m ready to chew the corner of my sunglasses because I’m easily distracted.” 

And in our favourite scene, Spencer says: “I’m ready to go to the river and think about things deeply. Particularly relationship matters.” 

Andy even jokes about his oversized nostrils and the boys close the video saying they’re “ready”. That is, “HD Ready, oven-ready”, and as Jamie says: “If I was a breakfast, I’d be Ready Brek.” 

Check it out below – we guarantee you’ll cry with laughter! RM