Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews & Louise Thompson Split

Made In Chelsea‘s power couple Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson have called time on their relationship after weeks of heated rows. 

While last night’s episode failed to shed any light on the state of their relationship, Spencer was seen discussing his feelings for Louise with pal Jamie Laing, who said that if the pair were to call it quits, that it would have to be for good. 

A preview clip from next week’s episode then showed another VERY heated row in which Spencer confronts Louise by the river (his favourite place, obvs) and tells her it’s over. Louise attempts to hit Spenny (again) at which point he tells her to go home and “cry her eyes out”. Ouch. 

Spencer admitted to cheating on Louise in the season four finale, which saw him receive an eye-wateringly painful slap from Millie Mackintosh. They then split for a short while, during which time Spencer contacted castmate Lucy Watson asking her for a drink. 

Spenny’s pal Proudlock has now confirmed the pair are no longer together. Speaking at the launch of his Carnival ’78 fashion collection, he told The Sun: “I don’t agree with the way Spencer treated her at all. Their relationship was so hard to graft. I think he did have this kind of control over her. 

“I think that it’s the best for everyone that they’re not together anymore.” 

Tut tut, Spencer…

By Rebecca Martin, 16th April 2013

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