Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews & Andy Jordan Tell Us Who They REALLY Fancy

Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews, Andy Jordan, Stevie Johnson AND Oliver Proudlock all have a crush on the same girl – and it’s not Louise Thompson

Last month, we interviewed Proudlock, who told us exclusively that Mila Kunis was his first choice to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

He told us: “I think Mila Kunis would make a great Ana for the film. She’s gorgeous.” 

Then, last night, we attended the launch of Louise Thompson’s jeans line Pocket London, where we asked Spencer and new boys Andy and Stevie which celebrity lady they’d most like to see wearing Louise’s jeans.

And this is what they said…

Spencer: “Erm… Mila Kunis”.

Stevie: “I could definitely see Mila Kunis wearing them. I can imagine her in a pair of Louise’s jeans looking very good.”

Andy: “I would say Mila Kunis, I love her!”

When we told Andy that Spencer had already said he liked Mila, Andy replied: “Hahahahaha. I love that! She’s so hot right now!”

Is anyone else noticing a pattern here, or is it just us? This won’t be the first time the boys have liked the same girl. After all, let’s not forget the ‘Jinky’ drama from last week’s episode and the hugely awkward Spencer-Louise-Andy love triangle.

Mila, you lucky, lucky girl. LL & RM