Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Confesses To Cheating On Lucy Watson

Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson looked like such a promising couple, but it would seem for Spencer, the reality is that he just can’t keep it in his pants.

On the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party show, which will air on Monday at 10pm, Spencer brazenly fessed up to his crimes against romance.

During the show the cast have a party and discuss the dramatic events of the series. When Spencer shows up to the party on his todd, host Rick Edwards asks why they aren’t together. Spencer, 25, replies: “I cheated on her, Rick. Pretty recently. A couple of days ago. I was in Greece.”

Lucy said that she found out Spenny had strayed on Twitter, and (props to her) sarcastically added: “He managed to admit it over text, which was very brave of him.” The 22-year-old then told her cheating ex-flame: “After this has finished, please do not speak to me ever again.” Oh dear.

Spencer hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the great British public after cheating on ex Louise Thompson in her own bed and this latest development shows he hasn’t hung up his womanising pants quite yet. To be honest, we’re surprised any women still want to date him!

By Lucy Hancock

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