Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock: Rihanna Is My Ideal Woman

Made In Chelsea‘s Oliver Proudlock has a big crush on a female celeb – but don’t go guessing which member of the Made In Chelsea cast is the lucky lady – because this one won’t be appearing on the E4 show anytime soon.

Proudlock has a big crush on Rihanna.

We caught up with the artist and fashion designer at cool Cheslea haunt La Brasserie last week, where he told us which stars he’d love to see wearing his Serge De Nimes t-shirts

“I’d love to see Lil Wayne wearing one,” he said. “And Rihanna. And David Beckham. I actually did send him one. I met someone who works with him at his football academy so I sent him a couple of Serge De Nimes t-shirts. But I guess they get sent so many things. He probably just chucked it onto a huge pile with all the rest. Or gave it to someone as a gift! I’m a big fan of David Beckham. And Johnny Depp. But I don’t think he comes to Chelsea very much…”

We told Proudlock that Rihanna would probably wear his t-shirt, and only his t-shirt, to which he replied: “That’s fine by me!”.

Ooh, naughty.

He added: “She’s very sexy.. she’s very beautiful. But I think it’s her confidence, she’s just so cool and doesn’t really care about anything. I think she’s probably my ideal woman.”

Apart from us, right Proudlock? RM

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