Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh Talks Wedding Beauty Prep!

Millie Mackintosh must be counting down the days before she weds her rapper fiancé Professor Green next month – and to get herself into the marriage mindset, the former Made In Chelsea star has been putting some serious bridal beauty plans into action to ensure she looks her best on her big day.

The 24-year-old make-up maestro, who has just launched her brand new beauty column for Yahoo! Lifestyle, is leaving nothing to chance when it comes to her big day bridal glow. Well, we’d expect nothing less from our perfectly preened Mills!

“What I’m going to be focusing on more is regular facials, make sure I’m getting my skin in its tip top condition so I’m not going to be worrying about that I’m going to have a breakout on the day”, she wrote in her blog.

“I’m going to have a really deep cleansing facial two weeks before and then you’re making sure there are no nasties to rear their ugly heads the night before.”

And as for her marital make-up? Bride-to-be Millie admits hasn’t picked out a particular look yet. “I haven’t even decided on my wedding day make up, so it’s a secret even to me at this point!” she wrote. But one thing’s for sure – smokey eyes are definitely off the table… “I won’t be going for heavy eyeliner or anything like that”, the reality star has previously stated. “I just want to look really fresh and young.”

Although Mills and Pro have both made it clear they won’t be selling their wedding pics to any glossy magazines, we’ve got our fingers crossed she might give us a sneak peek of her big day on Instagram. And we have no doubt she’ll look like the most banging bride Babington House has ever seen.


“I’m looking forward to celebrating the happiest day of my life soon and of course it’s natural that I want to look and feel at my very best for that,” says Mills. Aw!

By Robyn Munson


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