Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson Tells LOOK: Spencer Is More My Type

Made In Chelsea‘s new girl Lucy Watson has made series four for us, not only with her hilarious one-liners, but for her ability to create more love triangles than we can count.

Last week, the star of the show told us why she’s a “grower”, and now she’s spilled the beans exclusively to about that crush on Spencer Matthews, why she ‘dumped’ poor Andy Jordan, and what we can expect from the Christmas special. It’s about to get REALLY good… How did you feel after watching this week’s episode?

Lucy: It was interesting. I guess the main part was the awkward break-up situation. I think the editing made it look a lot more brutal than it actually was. I always say it how it is and speak the truth. I didn’t think it was that big a deal. We were only seeing each other for about a month, it wasn’t even a proper relationship.

Why didn’t you want to stay for lunch with him?

It would have been a lot more awkward to sit there with him, I couldn’t tell him that and then say ‘right let’s eat!’. Andy’s a really lovely person and we have spoken since, but we’re just so different.

What is it you like about Spencer?

I can’t really talk about Spencer – you’ll have to watch the next two episodes. It gets extremely dramatic. I’ve seen the Christmas special, and like I said to you guys before, it’s the best episode so far.

Describe Spencer in three words…

He’s funny. He’s really arrogant. And pug. He’s a pug. 

How do you know Carly?

I’m best friends with her older sister, Jordy. We were the only people out of our group who didn’t go to uni, so when Jordy went off, we became really close. I think she very much plays the ‘friend’ role in the series. 

What were you doing before the show?

I was mid-application for drama school and had just got out of a relationship, so I was kind of in a rut. It just seemed like the right time for me.

If you could be on any other reality show, what would it be?

I probably wouldn’t go on another show. When I watched Hugo (Taylor) on I’m A Celebrity, I thought I’d love to do something like that because I’m really competitive. But I wouldn’t do another reality show as I really want to focus more on acting. 

How did you feel about appearing on TV in your underwear?

It was really nerve-wracking. Plus, my dad was watching! It certainly opens you up to a lot more criticism and everyone has their insecurities – no-one gets naked and thinks they look perfect.

Is there anyone else other than Spencer you have a crush on?

With Spencer, I was trying to get across to Carly that he’s much more my type than Andy. I was just having a chat with my friend and telling her that he’s more my type, I’m not in love with him or anything.

How do you decide what to wear for episodes?

It’s tough because all the filming is so last-minute. I don’t really follow any celebrity style. It just depends on how I’m feeling. 

How would you describe your style?

I love wearing dresses for some things. Other times, I feel really cool in a pair of wet-look leggings, a baggy jumper and heels. I love wearing Converse, too. It just depends.

How was Andy’s non-chicken chicken curry?

Andy and I had spent a lot of time together and he was so intrigued by the fact that I was vegetarian as he said he’d never met one before! So I was just SO shocked that he then went and cooked me a chicken curry. Then he tried to make it better by saying it was organic! But it was OK, it was quite spicy.

What can we expect from the next series if E4 asks you to return?

I would love to win the public over a little bit more. I’m never going to change but there are many different sides to me that I’d like everyone to see. And it’s Made In Chelsea… so there’s always going to be drama.

Let’s hope she’s not going anywhere just yet. Lucy, you’re far too entertaining! 

By Rebecca Martin, 12th December 2012

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