Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson Tells LOOK: ‘I’m A Grower’

Made In Chelsea‘s new girl Lucy Watson has caused a fair amount of drama in her short time on the show, and last night we got to catch up with the lady herself to find out what all the fuss is about.

We attended the opening of Jamie Laing‘s Candy Kittens Christmas store in Kingly Court (just off Carnaby Street) in London, and both Lucy and her friend Carly were happy to spill the beans on the hit E4 show.

Lucy, who showed off her stunning new brunette hair, told us: “I got pretty upset watching Monday’s show actually, as I wasn’t too happy about the editing. But I am trying to just be myself, and I’m a grower. I will grow on you.”

While she’s received a lot of criticism for her hilarious comebacks which include “I’m a player myself” and “Stop getting up in my grill”, we can confirm that she is lovely in person, and a big fan of LOOK, too. Hurrah! 

She hugged host Jamie Laing at the party and spent some time getting advice on fame from our blogger Rosie Fortescue – who told us that Monday’s episode is NOT to be missed. 

We asked Lucy if she was appearing in the next series, and although she admitted that she couldn’t divulge anything, her smile said it all. 

As for the Christmas special? She told us: “There’s going to be a ridiculous amount of drama. Don’t expect a happy ending…”

Ooh! She’s grown on us already… RM