Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Talks Getting Back With Spencer

Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson has been pondering what life would be like as Spencer Matthewsgirlfriend second time round… 

But don’t worry, the savvy 22-year-old has come to the firm conclusion that it is NEVER going to happen! Phew.

After watching SW3’s resident love rat attempting to smooth-talk his way back into her good books in last week’s episode, we had started to worry Luce might crumble.

And with a South African safari trip with her cheating ex and current flame Jamie Laing coming up next week in which Spenny’s seen asking her to choose between the boy BFFs once and for all, we were positively quaking in our boots.

But in an interview with New! magazine, Lucy has set the record straight. ‘I wouldn’t go anywhere near [him], she said. ‘Spencer will always cheat, even when he’s married.’

Well thank goodness for that. A little birdy has ALSO told us that Lucy and her loveable biscuit boi Jamie are now officially an item, which makes us even happier.

Now we just have to wait until the Christmas special for the epic drama-packed showdown!

By Robyn Munson

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