Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson & Louise Thompson In Tense Twitter War

Made In Chelsea had us on the edge of our sofas last night. The explosive episode saw Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson finally hook up, while Spencer Matthews enjoyed an extravagant date in Paris with Lucy Watson

But some scenes didn’t go down too well with Lucy and Louise, who had to watch each other’s dates with their exes on E4 for the first time. And things got a tiny bit tense on Twitter as the drama unfolded. 

Louise kicked off the argument by tweeting “insert bitchy quote here”, followed by “you can have my sloppy seconds”. OOOOOH. 

The star went on a bowling date with Andy before hopping in a cab back to his pad (we’re assuming for some SW3-based sexy times), which only gave Lucy some ammunition for her own Twitter rant. 

She said: “I’m the slutty one? Who goes home with someone on the first date,” to which Louise responded: ” Shame I heard you did.”

This just gets better and better. 

Andy and Spencer stayed quiet on Twitter after their own showdown on the E4 show, which saw a very angry Spenny threaten a loved-up Andy. Spencer insisted he could have Louise “any time he liked”. How Andy managed to keep his cool is anyone’s guess. 

But what we REALLY want to know, is what happened to the phantom punch?  

Towards the end of the episode, Louise tweeted: “So they edited out the punch then…” 

What? You can’t leave us hanging. Who punched who? Andy? Spencer? Louise? You? Mark Francis? Come on, spill the beans. We can’t take any more!

By Rebecca Martin, 14th May 2013

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