MIC’s Lucy Watson Launches Her Very Own Jewellery Range

Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson has unveiled her first ever jewellery range, Creature Jewellery. And we’re seriously impressed.

Inspired by her childhood memories of growing up on a farm in Devon, the 15piece jewellery collection is made from sterling silver and gold plate and features too-cool Tiger Teeth Earrings (£60), Snake Fang Rings (£50) and Lucy’s personal fave, Shark Jaw Earrings (£70).

Available exclusively on at CreatureJewellery.com, we reckon Lucy’s cool and quirky designs are real statement pieces and wouldn’t look out of place on RiRi or Beyoncé‘s flawlessly-manicured hands and necks. LOVE.

‘I wanted to invest my time into a brand that I truly believed in’, the MIC beauty said of her debut collection. ‘ It was really important for me to feel passionately about this project, as I am committed to making it a successful range that I will endeavour to work on for the foreseeable future.’

‘I have always been an animal lover, and I thought it was the perfect way to bridge the gap between fashion and animals, making high quality, affordable jewellery, inspired by something I am legitimately interested in’, she added.


By Robyn Munson

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