MIC’s Lucy Watson And Jamie Laing: The Latest

Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson has well and truly kicked on/off lover Jamie Laing to the curb as it’s revealed the pair haven’t seen each other once this year. Oof.

At the Made In Chelsea end of series party in December, we discovered that the couple had parted ways due to naughty Jamie misbehaving in Florida.

Biscuit Boi then spent the majority of his Christmas break swanning around Barbados with his ex-girlfriend Tara Keeneyand our Made In Chelsea insider has now informed us that he and Lucy haven’t spoken once since.

‘Jamie and Lucy are due to resume filming soon but I’m not sure what Series 7 will hold for them as they have fallen out of touch, sadly’, our MIC spy exclusively told LOOK. 

But before you go picturing a broken-hearted Luce crying on pet pooch Digby’s soft furry shoulder, stop right now. Because our fave fiery Chelsea gal is embracing her sexy single status with gusto. 

‘I’m single at the moment and enjoying myself very much’, the gorgeous 22-year-old told us. ‘I have my new jewellery business @creatureLW to focus on, as well as Digby and the new series of Made In Chelsea.’

‘I’ve also just bought my first flat and my first car, so I’m not interested in having a boyfriend right now’, she continued. ‘I’ve got a lot of great things I’m focusing on instead.’

You can say that again. Between her fah-bulous vaycay to LA, making new gal pals with Spencer Matthews‘ ex Stephanie Pratt and gearing up for Made In Chelsea Series 7 filming, it doesn’t look like Luce has been missing the cherub-faced Laing one bit.

Series 7 filming kicks off on January 21, with MIC due to return to our screens in April. We. Can’t. Wait.

By Robyn Munson

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