MIC’s Lucy Watson Gets Angry Over New Boy Drama

Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson may be starting to wish she still had flatmate Stevie Johnson as her live-in bodyguard after prank callers have been wreaking havoc with her phone by hounding her for a date. Poor Luce!

The MIC beauty voiced her anger on Twitter at a group of pesky prankers who have been pestering her non-stop with calls and texts after her number was leaked.

‘So p*ssed off that because some stupid people have got hold of my number and think they’re cool by ringing me 24/7’, she wrote.

Lucy, who was recently spied hanging out with Spencer Matthews‘ ex, continued: ‘I’m going to have to change my no. I’ve had the same one since I was 9. Just because I’m on TV doesn’t mean I don’t deserve any privacy’.

According to our Made In Chelsea insider, Lucy’s prank callers have mainly been hopeful guys asking to meet up with the reality TV star.

‘The calls are usually late at night’, our source told us. ‘She is having to change her number and has got a new phone.’

Not the way to a lady’s heart, guys.

Oi, Jamie Laing! We reckon you need to get over there and rescue your girl. We know you two aren’t dating any more but that white horse is definitely a-calling…

By Robyn Munson

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