Lucy Watson And The Decision That Could Change Everything

Made In Chelsea‘s Lucy Watson has packed up and moved out of her flat with co-star pal Stevie Johnson after the pair faced challenges in their friendship. Noo!

As we’ve all seen, longtime singleton Stevie recently found love with new student girlfriend Poppy. Yay! But 22-year-old Lucy is said to have been feeling pushed out by her boy BFF’s new squeeze…

‘Lucy has always ruled the roost in their flat in Fulham, but since Stevie has been dating Poppy, Lucy has been sidelined’, our MIC insider exclusively told LOOK.

And with talk of Poppy moving into the flat as things heat up between her and her reality TV boyf, it seems the promise of third-wheeling was the final straw for Jamie Laing’s fiesty on/off lady.

‘Before the show, Lucy worked at an estate agents and saved up because she wanted to buy her own place’, our insider continued. ‘Last month, she completed on a one bedroom flat for her and puppy in Chelsea, which she used her savings for.’

We’ve loved watching Lucy and Stevie’s banter-filled friendship blossom over Laing-related counselling sessions and cosy dog walks with Digby. So we really hope this isn’t the end of – er – Lucie Johnson?! (See, even their names are like two peas in a pod).

‘Lucy is loving having her own place, decorating and buying new furniture’, our insider added. ‘She has her puppy Digby for company, and it also means that she doesn’t have to have it rubbed in her face that Stevie is happily loved up in time for Christmas.’

Plus, plenty more room for Biscuit Boi to make himself riiight at home… Hopefully with some more clothes on this time.

By Robyn Munson

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