Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson: “Things Are Complicated”

Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson hit this year’s Virgin Media V Festival, and LOOK caught up with her between acts to talk all things boyfriends and season six.

They say the path to true love never runs smoothly, but it seems the paths in Chelsea have more than their fair share of bumps as Louise, 24, hinted that things with boyfriend and co-star Andy Jordan, may be less than peachy.

“Things are complicated, but good” she told LOOK. “Leave that to the imagination. The boys in Chelsea are a complete bore and a nightmare to deal with. They’re all just difficult.”

But despite the cryptic comments, Louise seemed intent on having a good a time at the Chelmsford festival with a group of pals including fellow MIC star, Ashley James.

“I can’t wait to see Beyonce,” she added. “She’s big time, I’ve never seen her live, she’s the big spectacular.”

Looks like we’ll have to tune in to season six of MIC to find out what’s really going on between the two. Eeeek, we can’t wait!

By Julia Brooks

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