Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson Tells LOOK Her Style & Beauty Secrets

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson launched her new denim brand last night, Pocket London, and we caught up with her at the party for a quick chat about her denim-buying tips, the celeb she’d LOVE to style, and her top beauty secret. Read on to find out what she had to tell us…

LOOK: What’s your top tip for girls of all sizes when buying jeans?

LT: “I always think that skinny jeans are flattering. I think, if you know your leg length and your waist measurement then it’s fine. Obviously, there’s muffin tops – just don’t buy jeans that are too tight! I also think if you’re short, definitely wear skinny jeans, do not wear big flared high-waisted jeans because they just smother you. I used to wear comfy things, Spencer’s always telling me, ‘No, wear tighter stuff’!”

LOOKIf you could dress any celebrity who would it be?

LT: “Rachel Zoe. I literally am obsessed with her, she’s amazing.”

How long have you been in the process of creating Pocket Jeans?

LT: “We’ve kept it all quite discreet for a while. With the fact it’s a simple idea that actually can be explored from so many angles, we didn’t to let people know too much about it, because people could copy it… So, it’s actually been in the pipeline since about last Christmas, so nearly a year now – time goes so quickly. If I’m kind of chilling on the tube or anywhere and I see people wearing them I’ll be like ‘Those are my trousers!’ I’ll probably actually go up to them and stop them in the street!”

LOOK: And what are your top beauty secrets?

LT: “I’m obsessed with eyebrow pencils – to keep your eyebrows groomed and well-kept makes your whole face a lot cleaner. Don’t wear too much foundation and makeup, even if you have a couple of blemishes, you never need it – it always makes matters worse. I just wear Dermologica tinted moisturiser and that works every time.”

Thanks for talking to us, Louise! Stay tuned for more on her Halloween and Christmas plans, and what’s in store for her and Spencer Matthews.

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