MIC’s Louise Thompson Makes An Unlikely Friend

Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson has finally found a friend in her ex-boyfriend Andy Jordan, as the guitar-strumming gent revealed to us when we caught up with him for an exclusive chat.

At the end of Series 6 we saw the former flames clear the air over a quiet drink following weeks of bickering about their tumultuous on/off romance.

And happily, it looks like said drink has now led to a genuine friendship blossoming between the exes – although they’re not quite ready for Saturday night cinema dates and gossiping about their love lives. Still, we’re impressed!

‘Yeah we’re friends now!’, Andy told us when we quizzed him about Louise. ‘Obviously it’s tricky and it is a bit weird. But when we see each other now, we are very civil.’

‘We saw each other recently and we hugged and said “Hello, how are you doing…” I’m not texting her every day though.’

The E4 hottie also let slip that he’s on the hunt for a new girlfriend for series 7 of the show. Ooh…

‘I think I’d like to get into a proper relationship again, rather than just mucking around’, he told us.

‘After breaking up with Louise, I’ve not been interested in [girls]. I’ve just not really been interested. That was a shit break-up, and everyone knows that. I sort of feel like I want to enjoy my Christmas and New Year and then maybe get back in the game.’

Well Christmas is well and truly behind us now, Mr Jordan… Time to get back in that saddle!

By Robyn Munson

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