Made In Chelsea’s Josh Coombs: Spencer Matthews Is A Good Guy

Made In Chelsea‘s new guy Josh Coombs is the best thing to happen to E4. Strolling into last week’s episode calmly and confidently as Proudlock‘s sidekick, he sent Twitter crazy as fans awaited his next move. Will he get back with his ex, Phoebe? Will he be annoyed she kissed Andy AND Jamie? 

We’re predicting some big scenes for the 23-year-old designer and DJ. (Oh, and he’s really hot).  

In our series of interviews this week, he talks to LOOK about nights out with Spencer Matthews, getting on with the ex, his best friends Olivia and Fran Newman-Young and why we should be listening to his music. 

But first, let’s catch up on the series so far… 

We’re loving you on the show already, Josh. What did you think of your first episode? 

It’s very weird to see yourself on TV, but I enjoyed it. Obviously it’s nice to come in with the boys who are already quite established. It was a lot of fun.  

You’re best friends with new girls Fran and Olivia, but who else do you hang out with on set? 

I’m probably closest to Proudlock as we literally spent like nine months together just working on this collection. (Josh worked as a designer with Proudlock on his latest clothing line). And then probably Spencer… he’s good. He is a good boy, deep down somewhere.

He’s getting quite a lot of stick for trying to play the villain. What’s he really like?

With me, he’s fine. With the boys, he’s a lot of fun. It kind of brings his – I don’t know – his best side out. But obviously all that drama and what’s going on with him and Weez (that’s Louise Thompson to you and I) is a bit, um, I can’t say I agree.  But he knows, and we all tell him ‘Come on, just stop being so mean!’ But I think part of him does secretly love it. 

What would you say if you had to sit down with him and give him some advice on how to win over the public? 

I honesty don’t know… beg, maybe? Haha. He is a really good guy. 

You went out with Phoebe – we’re sensing there’ll be lots of long awkward pauses to come. What happened between you two?

It was very awkward watching it back. OK, so we kind of covered it on the show, we obviously have a history, and it just became more and more awkward. If we’d stopped seeing each other and gone our separate ways and didn’t know exactly the same people and weren’t on exactly the same programme, it would have been fine, but we’re in the same friendship group. 

How did you feel when she kissed Jamie… and THEN Andy?!

I know, she’s clearly enjoying the attention from the boys. Like we said last night, we are just friends now, so…

Have Jamie and Andy teased you about it?

Yeah, we’ve had a few jokes about it. I think it’s got to the point where we’re allowed to joke about it amongst the boys. It’s not too much of a sensitive topic.

Now, the ski trip. Were you annoyed that you weren’t invited?

I always like going on ski trips, I can’t say I would have turned it down, but I think with the Phoebe thing, it would have just been a bit weird. I hadn’t met Andy at the time either, so it wouldn’t really have made sense. 

She might not have kissed the boys if you’d been there, though…

I like to think she wouldn’t because we kind of had that agreement not to flaunt it in each other’s faces, regardless of our current situation. 

Olivia and Fran are your best friends but didn’t come across all that well on last week’s show. Will we warm to them?

I have never seen that face on Olivia in my whole life. (Josh is referring to the row between Olivia and Lucy last week). I’ve done some bad things with Olivia in the past and I’ve still never ever seen that look. I said to her, ‘That was incredible, it scared me!’. They’re so much fun, I wouldn’t like them if they were like… well, if they gave me that look, that’s for sure. But no, they’re lots of fun and we always go out together. Olivia I can tell anything to, I speak to her every day.  

If Spencer wanted to try it on with one of them, what would you say? 

I said with Phoebe I think it’s fine now. Most of the boys have realised that we shouldn’t have this kind of ‘don’t go there’ rule. It’s fine now. But for them to maybe mention it, I think it would just be the right thing to do. Like ‘I’m just gonna go for Phoebe’, and I’d be like ‘Yeah that’s cool, thanks for letting me know’. Haha. It would be OK. And with Oliva and Fran, it’s more just a case of ‘be warned’ because I am on their side if you screw them over. 

You hear that, Spenny? *Hides behind Josh* 

Listen to Josh’s latest mix here, and follow him on Twitter here. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Made In Chelsea on E4 tonight at 10pm. We’ll have more Josh goss tomorrow… 

By Rebecca Martin, 22nd April 2013

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