MIC’s Jamie Laing Is A Jack Wills Model Now, You Know

Jamie Laing‘s always been a nifty dresser, so it was only a matter of time before he got snapped up by a major fashion brand to get his model on.

The Made In Chelsea chap has joined forces with Jack Wills to front their brand new Brit Pack campaign, which features nine of the UK’s coolest stars.

Kicking off the new campaign with an arty video introducing its latest models, JW also managed to poach DJ Leah Weller, Paralympian Josef Craig, chefs The Meringue Girls and musician George Barnett for their sparky spring campaign.

In his mini JW questionnaire on the brand’s website, Laing lets us delve beneath that cheeky chappy grin of his to find out what really makes the Candy Kittens entrepeneur tick.

First, he revealed his secret power: ‘If you throw me something I’ll be able to catch it in my mouth. I’m like a dolphin but without a fin’. Then, his three most treasured items: ‘My gap year diaries, my necklace and my mobile. Yea boi!’

And his formula for happiness? ‘Don’t grow up it’s a trap’, reckons Jamie. ‘Stay young and have fun with it. Never say “no” to things. Life is an adventure, so surround yourself with people who you love and go on your adventure.’

Who knew Biscuit Boi had such a wise and thoughtful head on those young, beautiful shoulders?

By Robyn Munson

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