Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing & Proudlock Play In The Snow!

Made In Chelsea have been confirmed for a fifth series (yippee!) which means that it won’t be long before our favourite reality stars are back in the bars of Chelsea sharing their love life highs and lows. But what do they do when they’re not filming? Play on a pink see-saw, of course. Yup.

Jamie Laing and Oliver Proudlock embraced the cold weather last week by paying a visit to Evian’s pop-up playground in London for a spot of fun and games in the (fake) snow. You guys! 

The show’s resident party boys (or, bois) avoided a gloomy January by swinging away on the see-saw, which projected fake snow. 

Poor Jamie forgot to wears socks with his loafers (it’s a guy thing), so had to borrow some gloves from a  girl in the crowd, while Proudlock joked that he was going to start “bathing in Evian like Cameron Diaz” to keep his youthful looks.

Come and play in the LOOK office next time, boys. We’ll challenge you to a (fake) snowball fight! RM