Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Gets His Nose Pierced!

Made In Chelseas Jamie Laing has put every other boyfriend to shame and served up the ultimate romantic gesture to lucky girlfriend Tara Keeney, in the form of… getting his nose pierced. Just like hers. Er, cute?

SW3’s resident pardy boi unveiled his experimental new face jewellery in a photo posted to Instagram yesterday, writing: “New piercing… Yes or Nose? #whenimboredidostupidthing” next to a snap of his tiny new diamond nose stud. That creepy Peter Pan tatt we could just about forgive, but you’re really pushing the boundaries with this one, biscuit boy…

At least Jamie’s 18-year-old student girlfriend, Tara, seems to like it, though. “#nosestuds #matching”, she tweeted alongside a photo of the loved-up pair’s double diamonds. Whatever floats your boat!

Unsurprisingly, Jamie’s spontaneous trip to the piercing parlour has provoked a strong reaction from fans. “It’s a no from me”, wrote one under the reality star’s snap.You look like a lesbian”, slated another. *Snigger*.

And we can always rely on trusty best mate Spencer Matthews to point out to the world when his boi’s made a boo-boo. “Dear @JamieLaing_UK Is your hair colour natural?? Also, did you get your nose pierced yesterday?? Please be honest… #askjamieanything”, TV villain Spenny tweeted to his 560,000 followers.

So what’s Jamie’s defence for his pretty new piercing? He replied:  “Yes I did get a nose piercing, I don’t know why. It’s like my tattoo, I was bored if I’m honest!” 

Someone hook this guy up with Candy Crush, quick. This cannot keep happening…

By Robyn Munson

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