Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Confesses New Girlfriend Plans

Tonight’s episode of Made In Chelsea promises to be another explosive one, as Jamie Laing finds himself in a complicated love triangle between Lucy Watson and Pheobe Lettice.

All by his own doing, we may add. Because after sharing an awkward season 6 kiss with longtime crush Lucy, Jamie goes ahead and ruins everything by pursuing not-so-longtime crush Pheobe, as the Chelsea gang go camping. Ohh, Jamie.

Ahead of the episode, set to air on E4 tonight, Jamie told us all about his plans to bag a new girlfriend.

“Pheobe’s always wanted to hook up with me and I’ve always taken a step back,” he joked.

Adding: “Thing is, we’re so incestuous. We’re all friends. It’s not like we get random people in that we’ve never met before so all of us are always good friends, and if we fancied each other in the past we always fancy each other.

“Of course there’s going to be new relationships and new hook ups. It’s girlfriend season so I’m going hunting!”

Hunting in the WOODS, perhaps?!

Jamie’s switch of affections doesn’t sit well with emotion-phobe Lucy, who is seen crying in tonight’s dramatic episode.

Oh dear! We’ll be watching behind our hands then…

By Jessica Bridgeman

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