Made In Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop Tells Us She Wants A “Weekend Boyfriend”

Made In Chelsea is missing Caggie Dunlop since she left the show, but she’s back to front Lipsy’s Ultimate Party Collection this winter!

We interviewed her for LOOK’s latest issue, and Caggie spilled to us about her style icon, gym inspiration, and her beauty secrets, as well as her love life.

She knows exactly what she’s looking for in a man, and it’s pretty specific:

“I’m single and very happy but I’m on the lookout for a weekend boyfriend! 

“I’m too busy in the week but if any guys are free from Friday night till Monday morning I’d love to meet them…”

Pick up LOOK’s new issue – out today – for more from Caggie, as well as the chance to win the ENTIRE Lipsy Ultimate Party Collection. Amazing.

And don’t forget that £10 Oasis gift card too… It’s a must-buy! BS