Made In Chelsea’s Andy Tells LOOK How He’s Moved On…

Made In Chelsea wasn’t short of awkward drama last night as Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson finally came to blows over ‘THAT GUY’ in episode 6.

Spencer Matthews was sitting mischievously at the top of the love triangle as usual, as he played ‘messenger’ between the fiery lovebirds.

Lucy Watson played her part too, giving Louise a little nudge in the bad girl direction – to which she went and shoved one of Andy’s more recent conquests right out of her chair.

It was a night for big confessions all round as Andy declared his wished to just ‘delete’ Louise from his life, while she stated simply: ‘I don’t want to be honest’. Luckily she had ex-boyfriend Spencer on hand to spill the beans for her.

And as lovely as it was to see Spencer and Andy rocking matching farm hats during their clay-shooting trip, it doesn’t look like the pair will be ending their own fued any time soon. Probably not helped by the fact that Spencer just revealed Louise’s ‘more than once’ fling with ‘THAT GUY’.

Talking exclusively to Look since the series was filmed, Andy said: ‘I don’t really stress about it because I just think ‘you can’t dwell on the past’. Roll with the punches and move forward.’

That’d guy. On life behind the scenes, he added: ‘We all hang out off camera. Well, I don’t hang out with Spencer off camera…

‘It’s a weird one with him and I don’t really understand why we’ve p****d each other off so much. It’s just the case. We’re very different.’

That settles it then. Andy and Spencer still aren’t friends. And Louise did hook up with THAT GUY. More than once, apparently.

By Jessica Bridgeman

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