Made In Chelsea’s Andy Jordan Talks Season 6: “I Hate Spencer Matthews”

Made In Chelsea‘s Andy Jordan is the latest SW3 resident to spill the beans about what we can expect from Season 6, and it sounds like him and arch nemesis Spencer Matthews are still at it…

23-year-old Andy’s rivalry with MIC’s resident lady-player was well documented in the last series after the nostril-flarer swooped in to pinch Spenny’s ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson straight after their bitter break-up.

But while Louise and Spencer’s new flame Stephanie Pratt are now basically BFFs after Weez recently gushed about “really liking” The Hills star, Andy admits that Season 6 has plenty more man beef in store for the testosterone-driven twosome.

“The new series is more real than ever before,” Andy told The Daily Star about him and Spenny’s man drama. “We actually all really like each other but really hate each other at the same time. I’m not going to lie, I hate Spencer. He’s a b*****d.” Eeesh. Don’t mince your words then fella! 

Andy also insisted that he and Louise are back on track following her rumoured naughty night of passion with One Direction‘s Niall Horan. “We are still together”, he continued. “I love Louise and I will always love her and I hope she would say the same thing.”

Exes Spencer and Louise were looking preeetty cosy at Hugo Taylor’s eyewear bash in Chelsea last week – could we be see their recent reconciliation throwing a few spanners in the work next series? In a totally selfish way – WE HOPE SO.

By Robyn Munson

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