Made In Chelsea’s Andy Jordan & Stevie Johnson Talk About Their Dream Girl

Made In Chelsea new boys Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson have spoken to exclusively about they look for in a girlfriend. 

At the launch of Louise Thompson‘s Pocket London jeans range last night, we collared the E4 hotties for a quick chat, asking them the most important question that immediately sprung to mind: How can we date them?

The boys revealed exactly what they look for in a lady, and, well, we think it’s pretty doable!

Andy said: “I like relaxed, natural girls that don’t try too hard. Wear what you feel comfortable in and be conservative. I don’t like it when girls wear the tiniest mini skirts.” Noted.

Stevie, meanwhile said: “What I like about Chelsea girls is they’re always quite subtle about their looks, especially make-up wise, they don’t really put too much on and I really like that. The more natural look is, for me personally, more attractive.” 

We’re off to give our hemlines and our beauty bags an overhaul. Excuse us! LL & RM