Made In Chelsea’s Andy Jordan Is About To Start A Fight

Made In Chelsea‘s Andy Jordan FINALLY heard the truth about ex Louise Thompson‘s night of passion with Niall Horan on last Monday’s episode – and now, he’s got something to say to the girlfriend-stealing One Direction scamp.

After months of furious denial, Little Weez came clean about her antics with a certain ‘mystery celebrity’ man on last week’s episode, telling a gutted looking Andy at long last: ‘OK, fine, I slept with him’.

And now, the nostril-flaring guitar-strummer has spoken directly about Niall and his lady-luring ways for the first time. And by the sound of it, the Irish lothario better pack his boxing gloves next time he hits up Chelsea…

‘I believe he knew we were together’, Andy told Now Magazine about Niall’s plan of seduction. ‘When we won the BAFTA we were photographed together and afterwards he messaged her and said: “I see you have a boyfriend.”

‘Either way, I’m pretty annoyed with Niall. He sends a car to take my girlfriend back to his place? What am I supposed to do? I wonder how many girls he sends that car to.’

‘I’d love to ask Niall exactly what happened and why he did it’, he added. ‘I feel that he’s snaked his way into my girlfriend’s life.’ Eesh. We have a feeling Mr Jordan’s not going to let this one go…

Better sleep with one eye open, Mr Horan.

By Robyn Munson

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