MIC’s Andy Jordan Has A Secret Girlfriend: Exclusive

Made In Chelsea‘s Andy Jordan has been hiding a secret Portugese girlfriend that NONE OF US KNEW ABOUT. Until now…

It’s fair to say the 25-year-old guitar-strumming romantic hasn’t had the smoothest ride when it comes to matters of the heart. Which is why we’re actually over the moon to discover that Andy’s found love with a smokin’ hot new lady singer called Mia Rose.

Introduced through a mutual friend, Andy and Mia met in Portugal when the Chelsea gent fled the UK to spend some much needed time away from former girlfriend, Louise Thompson (who had just admitted to her illicit one-night affair with One Direction‘s naughty Niall Horan)

The pair bonded over singing, surfing and their mutual hotness, and after four days of whirlwind holiday romancing decided to give their long-distance love-in a proper go.

‘It was inevitable that Andy was going to end up with someone super sporty and into music’, our insider exclusively told us. ‘Whilst Louise was supportive, she never really ‘got’ Andy’s hobbies. Mia and him are much more on the same page and their shared interests means that they have got to know one another extremely quickly.’

The pair, who are also collaborating on a romantic tune together, are now keeping things spicy through Skype and texts as Andy continues his musical/MIC duties in Blighty.

‘Mia hasn’t met any of the Made in Chelsea cast as she lives in Portugal’, our source continued. ‘She actually didn’t know who Andy was until she Googled him and saw how many Twitter followers he had!’

‘Andy is uncomplicated, and I think being with Louise made him into someone he wasn’t. He is much more able to be himself around Mia Rose, and bringing out a song together is the perfect way of showcasing both his talent, and the fact that he has moved on from Louise.’

Well we certainly approve. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also far enough away so that professional lady-snarer Spencer Matthews can’t get his paws on her.

Nice work, Andy!

By Robyn Munson

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