Made In Chelsea’s Andy Bans Louise From Seeing Niall 1D

Made in Chelsea‘s Andy Jordan is attempting to claw back some man points by putting a stop to girlfriend Louise Thompson seeing her rumoured bit-on-the-side, One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Although Andy claimed on last night’s MIC End Of Season Party show that he had forgiven Louise for her disappearing act – during which she is said to have spent the night at 19-year-old boybander Niall’s house (playing Scrabble and listening to 1D’s new album, we’re sure…) – the reality star has now stated that he won’t be allowing any more late-night rendezvous between the pair.

“Obviously it was a big blow to our relationship – a disaster”, Andy told New! magazine. “But our relationship has got stronger. It was make or break but in a weird way it’s made us tighter.”

When asked if Louise had been in contact with her ‘mystery man friend’ again, Andy answered “no”, adding that he “completely” trusts her. “To be honest, I’ve put my foot down on that”, admitted the 22-year-old. “I guess because I love her, and I believe her – even though no one else does. But I understand her behaviour. She did something I’ve done in the past.”

Bless Andy. Better take those One Direction posters down Louise, pronto, as we have a feeling your man may not be as forgiving next time..

By Robyn Munson

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