MIC’s Stephanie Pratt And Lucy Watson Fight On Twitter

If you watched Made In Chelsea last night, you’ll know that it was a pretty explosive episode. But not as explosive as the Twitter argument between Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson that followed…

Steph came under fire in last night’s episode for her comments about taken man Alex Mytton being ‘cute’, with the rest of the girls left unimpressed that she would go after a guy with a girlfriend.

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lucy watson Lucy has stated that she doesn’t want to hear from former BFF Steph again


But Steph and Lucy’s friendship really suffered when the former The Hills star began telling people that Lucy’s relationship with James Dunmore was on the rocks, and that she’d called her ‘on the verge of tears’ a week earlier.

Once Watson found out, she was fuming, and accused Steph of lying, insisting that she was happier than ever with her man. Eep.

lucy watson made in chelsea Lucy was unimpressed at Steph’s chat about Alex Mytton, who is dating Nicola Hughes


Steph then claimed that Lucy was desperate to get engaged (a fact Lucy also denied), leading to Lucy attacking Steph for her age. Crikey. Let’s just say things weren’t left on the best terms between the BFFs…

And it only got worse, because once the episode finished, Pratt then decided to air a private message between her and Lucy on Twitter captioned: ‘Who needs enemies with friends like these! #MadeInChelsea’.

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stephanie pratt alex mytton Steph was blasted for calling Alex ‘cute’ on last night’s episode


‘I’m not trying to get with (Alex) and YOU know that… You’re just p***ed about your s**t with James… where he won’t move in with you I agree’, Steph’s message began.

‘Can’t believe you had to resort to LYING because you are angry.’

made in chelsea stephanie pratt tweet The tweet that started the row…


And of course, Lucy hit back. ‘You’ve shown me a really crazy side to you’, read her reply. ‘It’s not some weird competition of who can bring up what but enjoy. I don’t want to hear from you any more.’

The message ended with Steph retorting: ‘You started it with a lie and you should have apologised right after. You think everything is a competition. It’s not… You need to relax’. 

lucy watson and james dunmore holiday Lucy insists everything is fine between her and boyfriend James Dunmore


After the screengrab was posted, Lucy sent her own tweet out to her 868k followers.

‘Wait so am I secretly upset or do I want to get married… #soconfused… If only you guys could see what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. You’d get it. Goodnight, Love to all. Including the haters, my faves.’

Blimey. We really hope these two can make it up soon.

stephanie pratt Steph took to Twitter to share a screengrab of her and Lucy’s text conversation