Made In Chelsea Stars Speak Out Following Their Behaviour In Last Night’s Season Finale

A LOT went down in last night's season finale...

We don’t even know where to START with last night’s season finale of Made In Chelsea: Ibiza.

There were fights, tears, make-ups, break-ups, and one classic drink-throwing moment.

But some of the Chelsea lot have actually taken to Twitter to speak out about their controversial behaviour in the explosive episode, after viewers had a lot of mixed opinions.

When Liv Bentley received mixed feedback after throwing a drink in ex-bff Julius Cowdrey’s face, she addressed her Twitter followers.

Liv and Julius are definitely not this close anymore…

But after she tweeted: ‘Right well I look like a bloody disgrace. #MadeInChelsea,’ fans immediately presumed that Liv was talking about her drink-throwing.

However, Olivia had to clear things up, cheekily clarifying: ‘^^^i was referring to my physical appearance. Of course my behaviour is disgraceful…s**t would be boring if I wasn’t [sic]’

Fair enough!

But what did Julius have to say about the incident?

Julius has grown closer to Mimi and Toff instead

Well, viewers have seemed to turn on the singer after he cut ties with former bestie Liv and he had some harsh words to say about her to Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo, so the Chelsea lad has defended his actions: ‘Just standing up for my Toffie guys [sic]’

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But there was far more drama happening elsewhere in the episode…

After their explosive break-up, Tiff Watson and Sam Thompson had a pretty heartbreaking chat at the end of the episode which reduced many viewers to tears, in which Tiff told Sam she would always love him but couldn’t be with him.

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And fans of the CBB contestant were disappointed to not be treated to his usual Made In Chelsea commentary on Snapchat, so Sam apologised for his silence – explaining the episode was too emotional to joke about: ‘Sorry I havnt done my usual snapchat commentary tonight…wasn’t right for me to do that as it was a very sad moment for me. I’ll be back [sic]’

Will this Chelsea lot EVER end the drama? We hope not…